Growing problem in Augusta cemeteries

Augusta, Georgia Seal graphic
Augusta, Georgia Seal graphic

AUGUSTA,Ga (WJBF) Barbara and Nancy saw it when they drove into historic Magnolia Cemetery…

“I actually made a comment to Barbara when we drove in it was like whoa the grass is really high today so,” said Nancy Bonesteel.

‘It is pretty tall in places but we are out here a lot but we see them out here constantly cutting this grass,” said Barbara Sammon-Dansby.

There are crews cutting grass in the city cemeteries, they’re cutting in Magnolia, and at Westview Cemetery.

“But the crews this year are having a tough time keeping pace the man power isn’t keeping up with Mother Nature’s perfect grass growing weather

“Part of it is we’ve been blessed with a lot of rain and that’s a good thing it’s kept everything green however the flip side it’s growing fast,” said Gary Hegner, Deputy Director of Recreation and Parks.

Visitors understand grass grows but feel during the summer the city should take additional steps to cut it down to size.

“I think the weather is playing a role, I just think they have to look at when the weather does play a role maybe throw a few extra resources at it,” said Nancy.

Spring and summer is when the grass grows in the cemeteries however the city doesn’t bring on any new workers but department officials say they want to change that for next year’s growing season.

“We really haven’t in the past unfortunately we pretty much had full time staff I’m looking to hopefully to get approval to get some summer temporary staff that can help us during the times we really need the help the most,” said Hegner.

The budget debate starts in October Gary Hegner says his request to hire the seasonal grass cutting help would run 30 thousand dollars.

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