Walmart increases staff as school shopping kicks into high gear

Walmart adds staff to assist with influx of back to school shoppers.

EVANS, Ga. (WJBF) – You can expect to see more parents and kids in CSRA stores as the school year kicks off.  The back to school sections of nearly every store will be full for the next few days with parents shopping for supplies.  Those supplies will help not just their kids, but they help keep money in teachers wallets.

“If the teachers needs something I want to make sure she has it and she’s prepared so she doesn’t have to worry about anything. All she has to do is just teach,” said Linda McElveen as she shopped and laughed with her kids in the Evans Walmart before they head off to school in Columbia County next week.

“I’m here getting their pencils, paper, folders. Just going down the whole supply school list right now,” she said.

The personal items that help keep kids safe from cold and flu season are also on McElveen’s list. While she prepares her grade schoolers, Paige Tom is gearing her daughter up for high school.

“It’s a little bit harder because each teacher, as they get older, each teacher requires something a little bit differently. At 11th grade she [Tom’s daughter] was telling me she mostly wants just binders, paper and pencils” Tom said.

Evans Walmart co-manager Latora Smith said her store increased its staffing this week to make sure customers racing to buy school supplies get in and out quickly.

“We have extra associates up here filling as they’re pulling the stuff off the shelves,” she told us. “We also have them working in stationery where the customers would possibly go because they don’t see anything they want on the front end. We have that staffing filled up so we can be able to take care of the customers.”

Smith said Walmart stayed busy all day, so the store made sure to stock up on its most purchased item from last school year.

“Home office really rates our rate of sale and it goes off of what we do last year and the year before. The only thing that we had to make sure we were fully equipped on was composition notebooks,” Smith explained.

For those who shop around. Walmart does price match so you can get the lowest cost without going to multiple stores.

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