Microchips for employees? One company says ‘yes’

An employee purchases items from a vending machine using a microchip - August 1, 2017 (WCCO-TV)

RIVER FALLS, Wis. (CNN) – Several employees at one company volunteered to be implanted with microchips to be used as a payment method for various goods and services.

“Who would have thought cellular phones would be what they are, driverless cars,” asked Three Square Market President Patrick McMullan. “And when we came across it and saw it being used in other societies we said, why not us.”

The company makes self-checkout kiosks and is using microchips to let workers buy snacks or drinks from company vending or log into computers, phones or to unlock doors.

“Imagine being able to travel without a passport, or worry about losing it,” employee Todd Westby told WCCO-TV in Minneapolis. “Just hold your hand up and all the documentation comes up.”

The technology making it possible utilitzes a tiny glass microchip programmed with a serial number that is inserted under the skin. About a third of the company’s work force can now pay for purchases in the office micro market with the swipe of a hand. Three Square says it’s the perfect fit for their core business, but that other companies are already calling.

“We need to master this ourselves, so if we take this to market, we know everything,” McMullen said.

Company officials say the chip does not have GPS tracking, which they hope will ease fears of skeptical workers. Those that volunteered for the implant say the procedure was less painful than a flu shot.

“I thought it went great,” said employee Tony Danna. ” Idon’t know what it’s going to feel like but In my opinion it didn’t feel like anything.”

Tony and his fellow volunteers celebrated with a party wearing shirts that said “I Got Chipped”, as they leave the world of cash and cards behind.

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