A first-of-its-kind event in Columbia County Saturday

EVANS, Ga. (WJBF)– You won’t find the usual bouncy houses at this free event. The event organizer said the goal for the first ever Kidsfest is to keep kids engaged while involving parents in the activities, too.

“It’s creative, it’s hands-on, it’s about building something. It’s about really getting involved in the fun, and parents have been able to get in there to have fun with them, too,” Rachael Enfinger, Columbia County Event Organizer, said.

KidsFest: an event where kids are free to be kids. Enfinger said it’s also an event where you won’t find things like iPads, movies, TV shows or mundane activities here. Some parents we caught up with said that’s exactly what they were looking for.

“The painting of the Christmas ornaments, which I love that,” Victoria Calloway, parent, said. Iasked her if she feels she had quaility time with her little ones: “Yes, we got paint and dye everywhere.”

“They have to involve us to get them involved. Overall, I think the idea of interaction was presented well. Yeah, I liked it,” David Kitchens, parent said.

The original plan was for Kidsfest to be outside, but unsure of the weather, organizers moved it inside the gym. There were countless activities to engage in: Lego walls, interactive tunnels, parachutes, and lessons with trains.

“The ball pit was a key selling point for one of them. The digging in the sand is always a good thing for kids. We did the parachute thing– They liked that,” Kitchens said.

“The bouncey-ball, which was enjoyable, we got to put it together– put the salt stuff in there. Soak it in water, roll the ball out together,” Calloway said.

As for any first-time community concepts, parents said they hope to see some changes next year.

“It was fun; a little congested, but I think if it was outside it would have been easier,” Kitchens said.

More than one person at a station. More volunteers would be awesome,” Calloway said.

I talked with the head of volunteers, and she said the goal was to have 50 helpers, but only 28 signed up. These free community events are made possible by YOU– not only coming out to take part in the fun, but also taking some time to help.

To get involved, visit their Facebook Page: “Columbia County Community Events.”


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