City Administrator says budget cuts can’t cover Sheriff pay raises

AUGUSTA,Ga (WJBF) Augusta officials now looking for ways to pay for raises for Richmond County deputies

Sheriff Richard Roundtree proposing plans to increase pay for his officers, with the favored option, costing two point seven million dollars.

The Sheriff saying he would vo support a tax increase if the plan is approved.

Some Commissioners say the money can be found through budget cuts.

City Administrator Janice Jackson says last year she directed department directors to find areas to cut, with limited success.

Interesting when I made that proposal I didn’t just ask them to look in their departments I gave them permission to dig into other peoples business too to find out if there were things that could be cut I got very few suggestions so I don’t think most of our department directors would agree with that statement.

Jackson suspects the Sheriff’s request will spark other city Public safety departments to come forward with raise requests of their own.

The Sheriff saying Commissioners need to have the courage to treat his department differently.


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