“Out There…Somewhere”: All Elvis, all the time, for Columbia County lady

EVANS, Ga (WJBF) – Laura Tinney is all dressed up in Elvis; this is one guy she really, really backs.

“He was the greatest entertainer that will ever live he was the entertainer of the century, said the person known as The Elvis Lady.

Laura’s Columbia County home rocks with everything Elvis, a sort of shine to the King of Rock and Roll, she was in this home when she heard he had died 40 years ago,

“When did you start this collection?

“When before he passed away I had already gotten a lot of Elvis,” Laura said

And she’s gotten a lot more.

We first met Laura 15 years ago, and thought she might have moved on from Elvis but she hasn’t turned the page.

Nearly every book in the house, is about Elvis, she’s gets the light to read them from her latest pickup this Elvis lamp.

Every room in the house you have Elvis, including the bedroom where you’ll this find Elvis Blue Hawaii quilt her friend made, it’s special

“What’s your favorite thing?’

“My quilt my quilt Julie made,” said Laura.

This is what Laura calls her Elvis tree full of Elvis Christmas ornaments.

“That I leave up all year all it has is Elvis ornaments most of those were given to me,” said.

In fact most of her items here were given to her by friends.

“Now Laura’s preacher Grand Daughter gave her this and it’s appropriate because she has a hunk a burning love for Elvis.

Elvis lived at Graceland, Laura has at least three miniatures and she’s been to the real one three times.

“How many things did you want to stick in your purse?”

“Everything,” she said with a big laugh.

40 years later Elvis lives on here, the King is gone, but Laura Tinney makes sure he’s not forgotten.

“Amen he’s not forgotten,” Laura said.

When it comes to the King of Rock and Roll Laura is taking care of business

Out There somewhere in Evans George Eskola WJBF NewsChannel 6.


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