Commissioner calls probation officer reassignment plain wrong

AUGUSTA,Ga (WJBF) Some new criticism for the way city leaders handled the former Chief Probation Officer.Tuesday Commissioners voted to appoint Marie Boulton  and appointed Deputy Warden At R-C-C-I at a 79 thousand dollar a year salary.

Boulton had been on administrative leave as Chief Probation Officer.

Commissioner Wayne Guilfoyle voted against the plan saying he supports Boulton but not the way the commissioners re-opened a position that had been eliminated and then gave her the job. : “And some how the administrator decided lets open this position back up if you open it back up you open it up to all employees to apply for that position that did not happen there were a lot of rules that were broken on this
method by my colleagues as well as the administrator,” said Guilfoyle.

They acted improperly here?

AI think what it was was just plain wrong” said Guilfoyle.

In an e-mailed response City Administrator Janice Jackson writes Commissioners voted 7 to 3 to create the position and transfer funds from the General Fund to cover the item in the budget.
And voted to settle all claims with Boulton by putting her in that position.

Jackson adds “as Administrator I’m obligated to follow the directives of the majority of the commission.


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