Former Grovetown City Clerk under two investigations; now charged in one

GROVETOWN, Ga. (WJBF)– Charges  have been filed against a former Grovetown city employee who is already under a federal investigation into funds that went missing from the water department. Vicky Capetillo stepped down as City Clerk shortly after that investigation began. Now she’s under arrest and charged with stealing $20,000 from the Grovetown Lions Club while she was that organization’s treasurer in 2015 and 2016.

That investigator said he first met with the Lions Club in January of this year, and ever since, he has been on the case. Warrants for Capetillo’s arrest were issued Friday, and the investigator said she turned herself in to the Columbia County jail on Saturday.

“It’s been proven she can’t be trusted, so what she gets, she deserves,” Barry Miller, a Grovetown homeowner, said.

Miller has lived in Grovetown for more than 15 years. He said Vicky Capetillo should be punished to the fullest for stealing money from the Lions Club.

Capetillo was released from the Columbia County jail after posting a $5,200 bond. Officials say she had two warrants, each $2,600.

I spoke with the case investigator, and he explained why it took nearly 8 months to charge Capetillo.

“Subpoenas have to be issued for account records, then once you get the records it takes a little time to actually look into the financial records and determine what money went where. Other court orders have to be issued. It just takes some time to put together,” John Hensley, a Columbia County Investigator, said.

And what Hensley said he came to find is that Capetillo stole $20,000., but he said that is a conservative number.

You may remember former Grovetown Mayor Dennis Trudeau– now, he is a Grovetown city councilman. Capetillo is his step-daughter. I asked Miller if Trudeau should also be held accountable for his step daughter’s actions.

“Not really. It’s just like if I had children, you know. What they do is on them,” Miller responded.

Hensley said he is finalizing the case now.

“We’ll submit our findings to the district attorney’s office, and they’ll make a recommendation how best to move forward. Other charges are possible in the future,” Hensley said.

I asked Mayor Jones if he wanted to comment on the case, but he said no because the city has no affiliation with the Lion’s Club. He said, though, once the federal investigation on funds missing from the water department wraps up, he will definitely talk.

Count on NewsChannel 6 to keep you updated.

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