Augusta Probation office is proving costly to operate

AUGUSTA,Ga (WJBF) Getting into the probation business is costing  the city of Augusta a lot of money.

The city took over probation services last year.

Today city leaders heard that the money the office is taking in from fines is running well short of budgeted expenses.

In fact the difference for just the -first three months- of this year is more than two hundred sixty thousand dollars.

“We just found out today that we are losing 80 90 thousand dollars a month that’s very concerning we knew going in were were going to take a hit in putting probation services under us if we know the revenue is only a certain amount coming in what can we do to increase that revenue what expenses we can cut to lower that number a little bit,” said Commissioner Sean Frantom

City Administrator Janice Jackson says the city will look at whether a budget revision will be needed to off set the loss.

But at least this year a property tax hike will not be used, Commissions this afternoon approved the 2017 roll back millage rate that actually lowers property taxes or home owners by a small amount.


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