Columbia County investigators in search of “porch thieves”

COLUMBIA COUNTY, Ga. (WJBF) -Authorities have identified two people suspected of stealing packages in Columbia County.

Brandy Ostrihon and Phillip Ammons are wanted for Criminal Trespass and Misd. Theft.

COLUMBIA COUNTY, Ga. (WJBF)– Porch pirates are on the loose in Columbia County. Investigators need your help finding the people who have been stealing packages off of front porches.

Video was captured by a security camera at a home on Bunchgrass Street in Evans. It shows a car drive up, a woman get out, grab a package left at the door by UPS, and then leave. Investigators said this is a trend.

What we know so far is that two Columbia County homes have been targeted, but the investigator over the cases said there could be more victims.

For some, seeing special deliveries on their door step is an exciting sight to come home to. But for others, they may never see their package.

Porch pirating is a trend that you often hear about during Christmas time.But,two Columbia County homeowners, one in Evans and the other in Grovetown, said it happened to them Monday.

“Fortunately both residents had door bell cameras, so we were able to get pictures and video of the subjects,” Craig Cirillo, a Columbia County Investigator, said. “A female pulled up, and a blue Ford Ranger pulled into the driveway of that residence. She got out of the passenger’s side, went the the front porch, picked up a package that had just been delivered by UPS. Took the package got in the car, then they fled.”

Cirillo said a similar situation happened in Grovetown close to the same time. He said a man got out of a white Jeep Patriot in that case, so he’s not sure if the cases are connected.

I took to the streets in the Grovetown neighborhood where the crime happened. One neighbor told me he has decided to start requiring a signature upon delivery. I asked him if the incident has prompted him to be more careful.

“Definitely on things that we purchase. Sometimes we get packages from family members for kid’s birthdays and stuff like that. It’s not really an option for those, but on Amazon purchases and things like that, yeah. Absolutely,” Kyle Desjardins, neighbor, said.

Investigator Crillio explained the best option to make sure this doesn’t happen to you is to schedule a delivery time when you know you’re home and can sign for it. He also suggested to send deliveries to a P.O. box or a work place.

“It’s been very helpful in the case that we had– home surveillance systems, doorbell cameras, things like that help us identify suspects all of the time. I hope everyone gets them,” Cirillo said.

If you have any information about the two Columbia County cases, please contact Investigator Craig Cirillo: 706-541-3974

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