College freshman thanks his dad with touching tweet

STARKVILLE, MS (WCMH) — Two photos shared by a college freshman in Mississippi are touching people all across the country.

Mississippi State University freshman Charles Brockman III shared the photos Sunday. They show Brockman walking to kindergarten accompanied by his dad, and Brockman moving into his college dorm, again accompanied by dad.

“From the first day of kindergarten to college move in. Thank you dad,” Brockman said.

“I’m blessed to have two parents that are still in my life that support me through everything I do when other people, sadly, can’t say the same thing, ” Brockman told the Dallas Morning News.

Brockman said his father has been encouraging him his entire life.

“He’s been giving me advice all my life leading up to this.. he tells me to be smart, represent the family well, go to class, and work hard. I plan on following all of that and more to make my family proud,” he told the station.

Many others on Twitter have reacted to Brockman’s photo, which has been shared almost 63,000 times as of Wednesday morning.

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