Political Scientists predicts more terror attacks in U.S.

Armed police on St Thomas Street, London, Sunday June 4, 2017, near the scene of Saturday night's terrorist incident on London Bridge and at Borough Market. Several people were killed in the terror attack at the heart of London and dozens injured. Prime Minister Theresa May convened an emergency security cabinet session Sunday to deal with the crisis. (Dominic Lipinski/PA via AP)

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – After the recent attack in Barcelona that was claimed by ISIS, a local political science professor told us people can expect those same type of attacks to happen on U.S. soil more.

Augusta University’s Craig Albert explained to NewsChannel 6 that the danger Americans face from terrorists is real and it is imminent.

“We have no information of something immediate that’s on the radar, but it’s only a short matter of time before this starts occurring here in the United States,” the Associate Professor of Political Science predicted.

You probably don’t even want to think about it. But the terror attacks we hear about, witness from afar and later send up prayers in response to could come a little closer to home. And not the large cities we might think, such as Washington, D.C. and New York.

Albert told us they want places that allow for no weapons.  “Soft targets they’re looking at, medium size cities, cities that aren’t in the national spotlight everyday. That’s where they want to occur, middle America.”

Craig Albert tracks politics here in the U.S. and internationally, focusing on ISIS, which claimed the recent attack in Barcelona and so many more abroad and at home. He said the radicals are targeting people who don’t fit in where they are and use them to carry out unsophisticated attacks with knives and cars to win their war.

“This is the future of warfare, low intensity conflict,” he said. “They can’t defeat great powers in war. Russia is not going to be defeated in warfare. China is not going to be defeated unless we fight each other. The United States can’t be beaten back in a military conflict, but you can harass these countries through terrorism so you can make a name for yourself and achieve some small objectives.”

Albert added the U.S. is failing to engage the population by keeping people segregated by race and religion. He said this drives people to commit crimes of violence and terrorism such as the events in Charlottsville and the acts that ISIS claims. As we work to join together, he told us people should go on living their lives.

“People need to live their lives to the fullest and all they need to remember is to be vigilant. The FBI slogan, if you see something, say something. But go on living your life the way you would live your life, otherwise bad guys win.”

Albert said we need to have a conversation before these attacks happen. Do we want more oversight from government or just be vigilant? For now, he said be aware of your surroundings and be prepared for these attacks.

Photojournalist: Mark Gaskins

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