See how transportation in the CSRA is going to change in the next few years

AIKEN, S.C. (WJBF)– New details on road projects soon to be underway throughout the CSRA. The Augusta Regional Transportation Study, also known as ARTS, hosted a public meeting to get direct feedback from you.

One of the biggest headaches some in the area face– traffic and roadwork… or the lack there of. I spoke with an official about the Transportation Improvement Program to find out what changes you can expect to see on the roads in the next 2 to 3 years.

“Intersection improvement projects, traffic signal upgrade projects, bicycle and pedestrian projects,” Paul DeCamp, Deputy Director of Augusta Planning and Development, said.

He said ARTS has made amendments to planning and development for some of those “long-term” projects, which can take up to 20 years to see a change. He said a select few are now a part of the Transportation Improvement Plan, or TIP, which takes 3 to four years to complete.

DeCamp explained which projects have been amended: “The 1-20 bridge over the Savannah River and also the 13th Street Bridge in Downtown Augusta.”

He said you should also see roads widened–Clearwater Rd. near Burnettown, Stephens Creek Rd., and Hereford Farm, Rd. in Columbia County, to name a few.

Decamp said although future plans are in the works, don’t forget about the ones underway now, like the ongoing extension of River Watch Parkway, the projects on Wrightsboro Road in Grovetown, and the widening of Buena Vista and Atomic Roads in North Augusta.

Shirley Abney is on the ARTS board. She represents the people of Aiken County: “Mainly they want roads completed. We have a lot of road work that is being pushed on us, and we want it to go on and be completed.”

Abney said it all comes down to funding. She explained what you can do to speed up the process: “They need to talk to their council persons. They need to talk to state people, and even federal to let them know that the money needs to trickle down so that we can get our projects taken care of.”

You have until September 10th to voice concerns on current and future road projects. Call ARTS: 706-821-1796

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