Augusta University sees ‘cream of the crop’ as research institution

Augusta University attracting higher caliber students with transition to research institution.


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – NewsChannel 6 would like to make note that Augusta University has always been known as a research institution.


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – With the name changes behind it, Augusta University transitions into a research institution.

What you had several years ago was a local institution that attracted students who may have needed a little extra help and were mostly local.  Now, AU attracts students nation-wide and with higher grades and scores.

About a week and a half after move-in day, learning begins for Freshmen.

“As far as our freshmen class that’s the most exciting. Right now, we’re looking at tracking maybe a 10 percent increase,” said David Barron, Associated Vice President for Enrollment Services.

Hundreds more new students now call Augusta University home and the Jaguars are considered the cream of the crop.

“Several of our folks we call them perfect peaches. Because they have a perfect ACT, a perfect GPA applying for these programs,” Barron said.

David Barron told us programs, such as the BS-MD program, attracts higher caliber students. The school’s pipeline to medical programs, along with the name change, is what transitioned AU to a research institution.

While University of Georgia touts record enrollment with an average GPA of 4.0 and an ACT that averages 30, AU too has a diversified student body that’s high achieving and the school is aiming to keep them.

“We developed a bachelor of health science for those students to have a pathway to success even if they don’t get into those select programs, they can continue to earn a bachelor’s degree and work in a hospital system or earn a Master’s degree,” Barron said.

Although AU is now known as a research institution, Barron said there are still students who may need a little extra help and the school prides itself on pairing them with high achieving students to make for a better school.

Photojournalist: Troy Robinson

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