Young Harris College celebrates total solar eclipse

Young Harris, GA–  Hundreds of students, faculty and friends filled the lawn at Young Harris College to witness the Great American Eclipse on Monday, August 21st.

Directly in the path of totality, the Enchanted Valley was in line to have optimum viewing of the once-in-a-lifetime celestial show. Rollins Planetarium Director, Steve Morgan, talked about the phases of the eclipse and told the crowd what to watch for as totality neared.

Donovan Anguelo, a student from nearby Blairsville, GA, said he was most excited about experiencing total darkness in the middle of the day.

But just before the highly-anticipated moment, with just about four minutes to go, huge clouds covered the sun and blocked any possibility of viewing the corona.  As disappointing as it was to miss out on the rare sight, the campus certainly experienced what totality was like, with dramatic darkness, drop in temperature, crickets chirping, Venus shining brightly, and colors of the sunset on the horizon.

The Towns County, GA isn’t due for another total eclipse for some 500 years!


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