Abandoned Hyde Park dogs fed, rescued

Two abandoned dogs rescued from Hyde Park.

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – The city of Augusta moved everyone out of the Hyde Park neighborhood almost a year ago to clear the way for a storm water retention pond. That addition would ease the flooding in South Augusta. But even though the people are gone, it looks like a few of man’s best friends were left behind.

“I’m just hoping someone will see this and give a helping hand,” said Robert Reid, who lives in Hephzibah.

One is black and white like a tuxedo and the other is brown and walks with a limp. We’ll call them Spike and Spunky for this story.

“Out on 56 I saw this skinny dog out in the street trying to get something out,” Reid told us.

With cars driving by and practically no one living in the area, Robert Reid, a musician in the area, stumbled upon Spike and Spunky alone and without food and water.

So the kind-hearted stranger took some kibble to the four legged friends seemingly left behind in the Hyde Park neighborhood.

“I hurried up and found a super market [to buy food] to come back and find that dog. I didn’t find him, but I came up in here and I saw about six or seven of them and these are the second two that I saw. The other was a puppy down the street,” he said.

He’s not sure whose dogs these are, but he’s sure of one thing. There are some hounds in need left without anyone to care for them in Hyde Park, a neighborhood the city cleared out a year ago to put in a storm water retention pond.

“I love animals. I love people too. People have choices, unless they are kids, but animals don’t have choices,” he said.

Spike and Spunky have only one choice. Make a home out of the dilapidated structures that will soon be torn down.

“Sooner or later all these houses are going to be torn down and ain’t no telling how many puppies may be in the house. The dogs can’t move and will be crushed under the house,” he said.

Dog Networking Agents rescued Spike and Spunky a few hours after Reid fed them. Those volunteers said the female dog, Spunky, isn’t in the best shape. She has broken both legs pretty bad and she will need a wheelchair and probably her front leg will be amputated.

To make donations to Dog Networking Agents, visit the website here.  You can also call All God’s Creatures and donate under the DNA account for the dog with broken legs.

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