Local NAACP set to host rally for the removal of confederate monument

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF)- In the wake of protests in Charlottesville, people in cities across the country have been rallying to take down local confederate monuments.

The Augusta chapter of NAACP will also host a rally to remove a confederate monument in the heart of downtown.

The monument of four Augusta Civil War generals serves as a memorial to those who fought and died for the confederacy.

NAACP Chapter President, Beulah Nash-Teachey says the monument doesn’t represent the people in Richmond county.

“They do not reflect the values that we have here in Richmond county. We want to be inclusive we want everyone to feel welcome,” Teachey says.

The monument of four civil war generals serves as a memorial to those who fought and died for the confederacy. But Beulah says that chapter in history needs to be closed.

“It happened we cannot do anything about that but we can turn the page and move forward,” Teachey told NewsChannel 6.

Alan, a resident of Augusta says he disagrees with the removal of the monument.

“I feel like it was put here in 1878, it hasn’t been an issue for that long and it’s part of our history whether people like it or not. If they take this monument down we’re going to boycott Augusta we’re not going to spend money here,” Alan says.

It’s the words etched in stone that NAACP President says is offensive and has no place in the garden city. She says they plan to follow in the steps of those in Charlottesville but they will do so peacefully.

The Richmond County sheriffs Office will be present at the rally to ensure the safety of those that attend.

The NAACP and other Civil rights leaders will meet on the steps of the monument at 6 pm.



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