Hurricane Harvey likely to become a Category 3 hurricane

(WJBF) – Storm surge up to 12 feet and 35 inches of rain is what is expected for Hurricane Harvey.

Hurricane Harvey is a hurricane that has been deemed unpredictable and to be a huge rain maker for areas along its path.

Thursday, it was a tropical storm then it upgraded to the hurricane overnight.

It moved rather slowly then increased in convection.

The hurricane is expected to bring torrential rain and to become a Category 3 hurricane as it approaches southeastern and eastern Texas.

Those in Texas are likely to experience flooding, damaging winds, heavy rain and possible isolated tornadoes.

Torrential rain and a rapid increase in storm surge are the main threats for the storm.

Photo courtesy of National Hurricane Center


As of 4 a.m. Friday, Harvey is at a Category 2 hurricane moving northwest at 8 knots and 9 miles per hour.

It has maximum sustained winds of 105 miles per hour, which is the highest one-minute surface wind occurring within the circulation of the storm system.

It’s located southeast of Corpus Christi, Texas and about 180 nm south southeast of Port O’ Connor Texas.

The hurricane has a pressure of 967MB and has strong convection.

Harvey is expected to reach the Texas coast by Saturday and will bring destructive winds and damage for the areas along its path.

Isolated tornadoes are also possible threats for areas within its path.

Southern Louisiana and Mississippi are also areas that will likely see torrential rain and an increase in moisture from it.

If Hurricane Harvey upgrades to a Category 3 Hurricane it would be considered the first Category 3 hurricane to make landfall within a decade.


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