Calhoun name change returns to Augusta Commission

John C. Calhoun Expressway - Augusta, Ga.

AUGUSTA,Ga (WJBF) From her front porch Jinie Turner sees the sign for the John C Calhoun expressway but what bothers her more now isn’t the roadway’s name, it’s the upkeep.

“Overgrown grass it’s a mess that’s my biggest concern they don’t keep it clean,” said Turner/

Her neighbor also doesn’t like the grass but isn’t sure about keeping the name Calhoun either.

“I don’t know who he is but it if means anything to improve it I would love to see it changed.

“Commissioner Bill Fennoy feels in the last 40 years Augusta has changed and is proposing to commissioners again to support changing the name of the expressway.

“Residents of Richmond County are looking at what’s happening all over this country when it comes to offensive material offensive names on streets road and bridges,” said Commissioner Fennoy.

Calhoun was probably the leading voice for the southern plantation system in fact writing 180 years ago that slavery was a positive good.

Something the neighbors near the Calhoun did not know.

He wrote slavery a positive good,

“No we need to change John C Calhoun right away because we’ve overcame a lot of things as Americans together,” said Rowe.

Back in March Augusta commissioners did not support changing the name, but this time Fennoy is proposing a new name not just dropping Calhoun’s name.

“Yeah Veterans Expressway or Veterans parkway, hopefully I will get support,” said Commissioner Fennoy.

It was late February the last time the name change for the Calhoun went before the committee then the committee voted to send the measure to the full commission without a recommendation, a week later Commissioner Fennoy deleted the item due to no support from fellow commissioners,


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