Decision to save historic CME church appealed

The historic Trinity CME Church
The historic Trinity CME Church

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Time maybe running out on the historic Trinity CME Church in downtown Augusta.

Located on 8th Street, it’s believed to be the birthplace of the Christian Methodist Episcopal denomination.

Last month, the Historic Preservation Commission denied a permit to demolish the old church to allow Atlanta Gas Light to clean up contamination beneath the abandoned building.

The company is planning to appeal to Augusta commissioners because it says no group is stepping forward with the money to move the building, and restore it afterwards.

“It depends on funding,” says Commissioner Dennis Williams, “Yes it’s good to keep all these historical buildings and everything but we also have to find funding and if there’s no funding available to correct the situation and move the building then we have to tear it down.”

The Canal Authority has pledged $475 thousand to relocate the old church however Atlanta Gas light says that’s far short of what’s needed to restore the building.


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