JENNIE: Microblading, Judy Garland Collection and Belly Dancing

Season One Finale

TELEVISION PARK–  We’re taking a look back at some of our favorite segments from season one!

First up:  the beauty segment:  It’s all the rage these days for people wanting fuller eyebrows- without using any powders, pencils, or gels to get them. Microblading may be the answer for those of you with over-plucked, thin or no eyebrows at all.  Krystina Carrino is the owner of Ready. Set. Relaxx Day Spa in Martinez, GA. She offers these services and sees the amazing transformations on a regular basis. She and her team performed the service on the air for us on March 14th.

Mike Siewert owns the world’s largest collection of Judy Garland gowns and memorabilia.

No doubt everybody’s first introduction to Judy Garland was the movie, The Wizard of Oz. If you are a Judy fan, you’re in for a big treat! Michael Siewert has owned the world’s largest private collection of Judy Garland memorabilia for many years, showing it around the world.  He shared some of his iconic pieces with us last October.


Belly dancing is a beautiful to watch and it has big physical benefits.  Joanie Lamb and Envey founder, Kendra Dent, demonstrated the art of the dance with us last September.

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