“Out There…Somewhere”: Memories from “The Lake”

Augusta, Ga (WJBF) – Jim Boatwright wasn’t going to miss it. He planed to say goodbye to Lake Olmstead Stadium.

“I’ve been here since the stadium opened, and I want to see the last day. I was here for the first, been here for all the years, I want to have a good time,” said Jim.

Melissa Jenkins, was also getting tickets to the last weekend, for her and her son. Saying goodbye to The Lake won’t be easy.

“He loved it over here he loved seeing the lake when he come through. Just wanted to make sure he got to see it one more time,” said Melissa.

You a little sad about the end here?

“I am because we enjoyed our time here,” Melissa said.

Lots and lots of memories created at The Lake what’s your favorite?

“The Last SAL Championship. They won. It was here and I saw it. That’s probably the best season they had I remember,” said Jim.

For the team a great memory is a recent one when Columbia and Tim Tebow came to town in April.

“I’ve had a few that kind of tops them all, when over a four game stretch we had our biggest attendance period ever that was pretty exciting,” said GreenJackets Vice President Tom Denlinger.

“My favorite memory happened years ago. It was a packed Friday night, the batter fouled one. It ricochet off the awning, people stood as the ball came back. I caught it. the crowd went crazy and I still have the ball”

“Any night is a good time here,” said Jim

Ever catch a foul ball?

“I caught one the last game I sure did,” said Jim.

“Have you ever caught a foul ball?”

“He has not neither have I,” said Melissa.

“Your son or you haven’t?

“We always block our faces”, said Melissa.

“Were you here the day I caught my foul ball?”

“No” she said with a laugh.

The dust is about to settle on the Lake, but there’s a weekend of memories still to come before those memories move on.

Out There Somewhere at Lake Olmstead Stadium, George Eskola WJBF NewsChannel 6.

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