Hundreds slid down the streets of Grovetown Saturday

GROVETOWN, Ga. (WJBF)–  Hundreds of people were out in Grovetown Saturday to literally slide through the city. A company called “Slide The City” brought a giant water slide that is longer than three football fields.

Much like the slip-n-slides some play on in backyards, Slide The City brought one of those, but much, much larger. If you don’t have a boat or plans to go out of town, this family-fun event was ideal for a hot Labor Day weekend.

It’s 1000 feet of slick vinyl paired with a sprinkler system and floats for a smooth ride down. Partnership Drive in Grovetown was brightened by this slip-n-slide Saturday.

One participant came to town this weekend to visit friends. He told me he’s never had this much fun in Georgia.

“It’s been really nice. The water is just that right temperature. Not too cold, not too hot. This is a great event. They should do this a lot more often,” Owen Henry said.

Columbia County’s Community and Leisure Services put on the event– They focus on hosting family-friendly events that entertain all ages.

“It was just a way to say, you don’t have to leave Columbia County to do these amazing things. Slide the City is something you would expect to see in Atlanta or Charlotte, or even Charleston or Columbia. We just thought, ‘What the heck, we’re going to give it a shot,” Rachel Enfinger, Columbia County’s Event Manager, said.

But there was more than the biggest slip-n-slide to hit asphalt–the free event was filled with music, food trucks and sponsored tents.

“We ate deep-fried oreos. I had never had those. They are great with the powdered sugar on them, but it’s also been really fun going down the slides,” Henry said.

Slide the City started out of Salt Lake City, Utah, and since, the crew has traveled not only throughout the U.S., but also worldwide.

“Our owner and kind of creator of this idea, his name is TR, he had this idea: Why have a backyard slide when you could have that times 1000 down a city street and just completely shut it off,” Dylan Harding with Slide the City said.

“We’re so close to the beach, we could go to the beach, but I’d rather do this… for sure,” Henry admitted.

There are more events in the books for the Columbia County Community. Enfinger told me there will be a screen on the green every Friday night in October, airing Halloween movies.

For more on the Columbia County events, visit there Facebook page:

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