Local mother receives a kidney donor then gives hope to others

EVANS, Ga. (WJBF)– Good news for a local family we first told you about in June. Polycystic Kidney Disease runs in the Browning family’s genes and has shown up in three generations so far.

You may remember Angie Moon, a mother who urgently needed a kidney transplant back in June, or else she would have no other choice but to be put on dialysis. Well, a week ago she got the phone call that every patient in her situation prays for.

“M.U.S.C. called and confirmed that they had the surgery date, and she called me, and you could tell she had been teary eyed, and obviously that made me very emotional. I am so happy that I am able to be her hope… that she gets a kidney,” Britton Carter, the kidney donor, said.

The Medical University of South Carolina doctors told Angie Moon in March that her kidney function was dropping so rapidly that she will need a transplant by the end of the year. As a 43-year old mother, the news was frightening as she hasn’t fulfilled everything she is destined for here on Earth.

“I wanted everyone to know that I needed one, but I didn’t know what God’s plan was. It’s His plan,” Moon said.

The image in the news story is comparable to what Moon’s kidneys look like now– you can see the cysts. But the other image is what a healthy kidney looks like.

The median wait-time for a kidney transplant is three and a half years, according to the National Kidney Foundation. The foundation also stated in 2014, only 5,500 transplants in the U.S. came from living donors. Moon is amazed she got a donor in a matter of weeks, but she wants to encourage others who are still in the waiting phase.

“I believe in a higher power. I think God has it. If it’s your time, it’s your time. Have strength, and I get through this because I have the support,” Moon explained.

Moon’s mom was recently put on dialysis. She still needs a kidney transplant.

“I’m just so excited that Brit was the angel God provided, and she doesn’t have to go through this,” Phyllis Browning, Moon’s mom said.

“I’m just looking forward to seeing what life does bring with a new kidney. It’s going to bring a lot of obstacles, but I’m looking forward to it giving me more energy so that I can be the active mom that I want to be for Jenna Claire,” Moon told me.

The surgery is set for the end of October. The recovery time for a donor is generally less than a week, and the procedure is microscopic, so there little to no scarring.

If you have any interest in donating organs to help save a life, call your local transplant center.

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