Jennie: Building Blocks for Blended Families

JENNIE Season 2, Episode 1

(This segment starts at  7:12) TELEVISION PARK– Elizabeth Grissett Daniels knows what it takes to make blended families work. As a mom of six, she says, “Parenthood requires love, not DNA”

No one can prepare you for every family issue that a blended family may encounter; however, life presents similar family issues.

“Whether you have ever been married or never been married, in this book you will find helpful tips, nuggets and building blocks for raising your blended family.”

You can buy her book, Kicking the Step out of Mom: Building Blocks For Successfully Raising a Blended Family online at Amazon.

Daniels says she wrote the book to provide stepping stones and building blocks to mothers that find themselves in the role of a stepmother and for potential stepmothers, while raising a blended family. Sometimes in life we’re thrust into certain roles without the proper tools and guidance, we error and make life altering mistakes. Raising a blended family is challenging, but the rewards far out-weigh all the challenges you may experience.

She advises women with blended families to embrace their new role as a mom (not just a stepmom) with confidence, not fear; with joy, not resentment; and most importantly with love, and not hate.

“My goal is to empower, equip and motivate you, as you embark into your new journey of raising a blended family. You have what it takes and you can do it. Be the change maker and make a difference in the lives of the child (ren) that have been entrusted into your care.”

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