Golden Apple: Stan Dodson

(Waynesboro, GA)

Welcome to Stan Dodson’s visual arts class, where artists of all skill levels are welcome.

“My class is definitely open to anyone who comes with creative pursuits, an open mind, and willingness to try,” Dodson says.

That’s what it’s all about in Mr. Dodson’s class. He’s dedicated his career to teaching his students art skills and life skills.

“Goal-attainment and work ethic and pacing yourself, and setting the bar higher than the expectations you can dream.  It’s achieving a bigger dream than you’ve had for yourself. I like to put seeds into students’ minds that you can do more than you think you can do, and that’s what art allows the opportunity for them to pursue.”

These young people will leave Mr. Dodson’s class better-equipped to handle the real world. They’ll have the confidence they need because of his constant support.

“Yes, we make marks on paper, but it’s more about the marks that they make on individuals,” he says. “I want them to understand. If anything, when they leave my room I want them to know that someone cared about them and someone wanted better for them.”

Stan Dodson. Art teacher, mentor, and friend. A positive force in so many young lives at Burke County High School.

“Isn’t that the ultimate masterpiece? To look at the works of exemplary students, to see them achieve their dreams, and to understand that you had a just very small part in that journey? That’s the satisfaction, and knowing that their pursuits are successful, and that they’re living something that gives them purpose.”

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