Augusta prepares for Irma evacuees

(AUGUSTA,Ga (WJBF) Irma is giving people reason to run and August officials expect thousand will be ending up here for shelter.

“Right now we’ll be looking at about 8 shelters for the Chatham County plan and three additional shelters for self-evacuees,” said Fire Chief and EMA Director Chris James.

Last year Augusta sheltered about 4000 evacuees from Chatham County, at area schools; with the size of the storm emergency officials expect they could see more people.

“We know it’s coming we know what kind of set up will the numbers overwhelm us again that’s a possibility but we are preparing,” said Chief James.

So is the Red Cross to get shelters ready for thousands of evacuees.

“We’ve actually placed an order with the Red Cross for 24 hundred additional cots and 24 hundred additional comfort kits that are coming from our headquarters,” said Susan Everitt, Executive Director of the Augusta Red Cross.

Last year was the first time Augusta shelters evacuees, under its Chatham County agreement that helps as the city prepares for the second go around.

“We’ve already asked for additional law enforcement we’ve talked to public health about getting additional nurses in we talked about having medical teams to go from shelter to shelter to triage and check on citizens while they’re in the shelters,” said Chief James.

During Mathew the biggest worry for Augusta were the evacuees however this time Irma could bring with it high winds and heavy rains.

“You are correct we’ll be asking citizens to make sure they’re prepared,” said Chief James.








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