Trenton family using social media to offers evacuees a safe shelter for their large animals

TRENTON, S.C. (WJBF) – The heartbreaking pictures of farm animals in Houston prompted a local family to offer evacuees a safe place for their large farm animals.

Jamie Pearson has a long list of farm animals that she’s making room to shelter as Irma inches toward the CSRA.

“If I could help someone to get their 4 legged critters out of the weather or the path of Irma, you know, hey why not?” Pearson told WJBF NewsChannel 6.

Pearson lives on an acre of land in Trenton, South Carolina and has plenty of room for large animals, horse trailers and campers.

So she took to Facebook to extend a helping hand to evacuees.

“When you see videos from the past, or most recently Texas, of animals swimming trying to find dry land it really hits you.” Pearson said.

Pearson says the response, from Facebook, was overwhelming.

Dozens of people now have a place to keep their livestock, so her goats will have a few extra friends to run around with for the next few days.

“The sayings always the more the merrier, well we are going to find out.” She said.

Much to her surprise, she had to start another long list.

“Wow that’s amazing that total strangers are reaching out to total strangers, to offer up their property.” Pearson said. “Especially to bring livestock, so to speak.”

People, from all walks of life, have opened their pastures, offered their stalls and asked to make donations of feed and hay for the animals.

“If you’ve never been an animals person, you don’t get it,” said Pearson. “But just like moms and dads will do anything for their kids, people who love their animals will do the same.”

If you are looking for a place to shelter your farm animals for free Pearson says she has plenty of room, between her pasture and several others in the area.

She can also help people find a way to transport their animals.

To contact here send her an email at

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