Down trees in Augusta creates headaches

AUGUSTA, Ga (WJBF) – With the age of Augusta’s urban forest, this rain, and especially this wind, is going to take its toll.

It has crews running and gunning. We found the fire department cutting up this big limb that had fallen across Broad Street earlier, getting it out of the way of traffic

There’s going to be a little more work on McDowell as this big tree fell all the way all the way across the street. Nobody got hurt, those living nearby certainly did hear it come down.

“Just heard a crash bang and then we looked outside…big tree fall hard,” said Max Trica who lives near the tree.

“Just a big crash, I don’t know, I just came out right away. It was only about ten feet or less from my car. I was pretty lucky,” said Paten Weinman, who also lived nearby.

“The fire trucks already came. They said no property, no people hurt. We’re going to wait it out. We’ll get road and bridge to come later,” said Trica.

“This looks bad from our stand point but they told you no property damage.”

“They’re going to leave it for a while, I guess they’re pretty busy today, so I don’t blame them,” said Weinman.

And while on McDowell Street, the big tree was only blocking the road and not hitting any houses.

That’s not the case on Walker. Look at this big limb, crashed into an apartment. The woman who lived there thankfully wasn’t home.

The city has about 15 tree contractors to take care of cases like this. They’re going to be very busy.

In Augusta, George Eskola WJBF NewsChannel 6.

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