Traffic lights out adds to danger on the road

AUGUSTA, Ga (WJBF) – The high winds and rain are not a good combination for keeping the lights on.

A major pain if you are at home maybe, worse however if you are out on the road.

This is the Deans Bridge corridor and as you can see the stop lights are out here at Deans Bridge Road and Glenn Hills Drive as well as Deans Bridge Road and Golden Camp drivers out here now know you got to be safe.

“Very dangerous very windy it seems like the lights are falling down I see on one of the roads it’s like it’s really dangerous out here,” who had stopped for gas on Deans Bridge Road near the Glenn Hills intersection.

“I’d seen a fire truck there earlier. I thought they were going to block it off and repair it. It’s catching people at a bad time. They’ll get it together hopefully,” said Keith Dunbar who lives nearby.

“No signals, it’s like we’re out here in the open by ourselves.”

So why are you on the road if it’s so dangerous?

“I need gas, I need gas.”

“Hopefully everybody will drive safe. The ones who don’t need to be on the road stay home. Hopefully we won’t have too many accidents with the lights down, the accidents cause more problems.”

Just off Deans Bridge Road is the Henry Brigham Center, 105 Evacuees are inside. The power went out there too, however the lights are on because this building is equipped with a backup generator. So there is light and there is safety here. Much better than being on the road in Augusta. George Eskola WJBF NewsChannel 6.


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