Golden Apple: Shelley Wolfe

Golden Apple winner Shelley Wolfe

(Augusta, GA)

Shelly Wolfe’s students are working non-stop to sharpen their math skills.

“We’re really focusing on place value,” Wolfe says. “Over here the students are modeling place values using base 10 values. Over here we’re also doing rounding. At my table we’re doing rounding with a rounding rap. These students over here are mastering their skills by practicing more rounding activities.”

Ms. Wolfe has also been known to rap her lessons, and it helps.
“They remember these raps when it’s testing time. Even though they can’t talk, they can replay those raps in their heads, all the songs. They can also do the movements. It’s been proven with my previous students that they actually remember these things that I teach them and they do really well on the tests.”

Ms. Wolfe left the country for a few years to spend time in the Middle East. She says the experience has helped her in the classroom.

“I used those opportunities that I traveled and learned from different cultures and different people. I brought it back here to the States so I can use those experiences to teach my students as well, and to use Geography and Social Studies, and to learn about different cultures, so that they can also have the opportunities to do those things when they get older,” she says.

Way to go Shelley Wolfe. A great Math and Science teacher, and a great person sharing her heart with her students at Diamond Lakes Elementary School.

“I just really want them to be the best them that they can be. I really love the kids. I’m here for the kids. I just want them to be the best them that they can be when they grow up.”


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