Work crews and neighbors in Appling work to clean up the mean side of Mother Nature

APPLING, Ga.(WJBF) – It seemed no matter where you turned in Appling, it was the same scene.

You had downed power lines, snapped trees and emergency crews clearing branches while Georgia Power worked to detangle power lines.

After being closed since Monday afternoon, Ray Owens Road reopened shortly before noon,Tuesday.

We found the same messy scene along Keg Creek Drive.

“Whew, it was rough, it was really rough,” said Resident Chris Shelton.

The top of an electric pole was left dangling in the wind and Columbia County’s finest had to direct traffic to help keep drivers safe.

“Everybody is staying together. My neighbor’s got a generator so I have a little freezer out here and he ran a cord to plug my freezer in,” said Resident Brandon Blair.

Down the road from Blair’s home, you could hear Shelton’s generator going as he cleared debris.

“All the power lines are down, polls are broken in half,” said Shelton.

While the storm didn’t damage Shelton’s house, it certainly hit his wallet since he works from home.

“We have no power, no internet, the phones are down. So, it’s affecting everything,” said Shelton.

Mother Nature’s bad side has left the entire neighborhood working together to clean up.

Many residents we spoke with in the Appling area tell us it could be next week before power is restored to their homes.

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