City leaders defend evacuation agreement

AUGUSTA,Ga (WJBF)For the second Hurricane season in a row Augusta has sheltered Thousands of  evacuees from Chatham County at Communities Centers and schools here like Richmond Academy Augusta does this because it has a heart also because it has a

written agreement with Chatham County to do it.

A large dumpster full of trash remains as evidence of some of the evacuees who came to Augusta from Chatham County, directed here by a decade old agreement,

“I don’t know how that agreement started but of course Chatham is very grateful I think we handled that well I’m appreciative of the Board of Education how they do handle this for shelters,” said Mayor Pro-Tem Mary Davis.

The agreement says Augusta will shelter up to 3000 Chatham county residents and cover all costs, and then wait for state Chatham County or State and Federal Emergency management agencies for reimbursement.

‘The Chatham County plan and plans like this are important because those citizens on the coast will evacuate one way or another and what the plan does is make sure our city is prepared to handle the best we can what comes,” says Fire Chief Chris James.

With the agreement when another hurricane cause mandatory evacuations  up  to 3000 Chatham residents will be  coming  to Augusta, even though it is extremely unlikely Augustans will ever be evacuating to Chatham county, so do Commissioners feel this is a bad deal.

“I look as this as a great partnership I’m glad were able to assist them what would we do if we told them we couldn’t do it I think that would really look bad on our city I think it would look bad on humanity,” says Commissioner Marion Williams.

Hopefully we won’t need to be evacuated and used Chatham services but they’re there is we need them,” said the Mayor Pro-Tem.


Talking to emergency people over in Macon Bibb County they say they saw thousands of evacuees also from Hurricane Irma but they say they do this without any written agreement with any Georgia coastal county, In Augusta George Eskola WJBF NewsChannel 6

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