Commissioner says city can’t change of Calhoun Expressway name

John C. Calhoun Expressway - Augusta, Ga.

AUGUSTA, Ga (WJBF) – Some Augusta city leaders are trying again to change the sign on a major roadway.

A debate on whether to rename the Calhoun Expressway is scheduled to go before commissioners Tuesday.

Commissioner Bill Fennoy wants to drop Calhoun’s name due to his pro-slavery past in favor of the name Veterans Expressway.

But other city leaders say state law against removing confederate monuments or names prevents the commission from taking any action.

“We don’t have the right to do anything and so I think the first order of business of what’s on the state statute is try to get the state to overturn the law to give local jurisdiction the opportunity to make decisions on whether they want to move them or take them down. Right now across the state, we don’t have that right,” says Commissioner Ben Hasan.

This isn’t the first time city leaders have discussed the name change. Commissioner Fennoy withdrew a proposal to rename the Calhoun Expressway back in March.

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