JENNIE: Yannik McKie inspires young adults with his personal story of tragedy and triumph

JENNIE Season 2, Episode 3

Yannik McKie with friends Christina Jenkins and Tommy Ingram.

AUGUSTA, Ga.– The school year is well underway and it presents challenges, both academically and socially, for our kids.

Today, we’ll hear from specific organizations in the CSRA that mentor children and young adults to keep them on the right path, The McKie Foundation and GrantWest Enterprises, Inc.

First, we’ll talk about social challenges:

I met Yannik McKie two years ago, as I was researching a story about World AIDS Day. The Augusta youth pastor knows first-hand how devastating an AIDS diagnosis can be. As a teenager, he lost both his parents to the disease.

He made such a big impression on me that I wanted him to share his story with you- as he has taken personal tragedy and turned it into message to help children and young adults.

The McKie Foundation has sponsored an annual “Let’s Talk About Sex” conference for several years now– it’s a “healthy” relationship, abstinence-based program designed to teach young people skills to live a pure life in a promiscuous society– in various locations from Spelman College, to Memphis, to Augusta.

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