Golden Apple: Michael Foster

(Evans, GA)

Michael Foster is making the past come alive at Evans High School.

“We’re working on the significant events and subjects of the American Revolution,” Foster says. “I had my kids doing research. Then they have to present on the posters things like Lexington and Concord, The Declaration of Independence, Thomas Payne’s booklet, Common Sense, and things like that that they have to present.”

His U.S. History classes are all about keeping kids engaged in the learning process.

“I don’t teach from the book, per se. We use the book, mostly at home for assignments. I try to design things that the kids are able to do stuff, to be involved.  It does involve me sometimes just standing up and teaching a lesson, but it’s more important to have the interaction with the kids and let them tell me what they’re learning, rather than letting me just tell them everything.”

Mr. Foster is a great teacher and a great friend. His students appreciate and rely on that relationship.

“I realize that when kids come in and have a bad day, there’s something that’s happening at home, and they’re bringing it with them. You don’t take it personally. You try to help them through it. Some days are going to be on. Some days are going to be off.  You  just try to deal with that. Basically, you just have to adjust to the kids.”

“I’m a dad 24 hours a day. I’m a dad at home and I’m a dad here too,” he says. “I love that. That’s great.”

Michael Foster-history teacher, father, and friend.  A man who give his all and gets so much back from the young people forunate enough to be in his classes.

“There’s so much satisfaction. I’ve had kids who want to get into MIT, or The Naval Academy, and have done that.  I’ve  had other kids, I just need to get them to graduate.  Either way we get to those things, it’s a victory. Because, it’s based on that kid’s abilities and where they’re going. You just have to adjust for all those kids. That’s the important part for me, is  helping that child find success, whoever they are.”




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