Residents have a chance to let their voices be heard for proposed Hardy McManus Expansion project

COLUMBIA COUNTY, Ga.(WJBF) – If you travel along Hardy McManus Road, chances are you know it can be a headache.

Columbia County is working on a proposal to change that.

Stephen Copeland lives on Hardy McManus Road and says when it comes to pulling out of his driveway, it can take a while.

“Early in the morning, if you’re trying to go towards Furys Ferry, I can’t make a left out of my driveway because the traffic is bumper to bumper,” said Copeland.

Columbia County Engineering is working on a proposal to residents and drivers in hopes of making your commute faster and safer.

“So, we’re looking at doing some three lane sections, center left turn lane, maybe even some median pockets and also looking at some roundabout options at these intersections,” said Traffic Engineering Director Steve Cassell.

These intersections Cassell is talking about are at Dolphin Way, Aylesbury Drive and a dual roundabout at the Halali Farm Road and Jamestown Avenue intersections.

Copeland says he could do without those.

“There’s too much traffic flow as there is, especially coming from Furys Ferry. I think it’s going to block traffic more and you’re going to have more traffic accidents,” said Copeland.

“With roundabouts, you take away the T-bone accidents. It’s a slow 15 mile per hour through the roundabout,” said Cassell.

Cassell says roundabouts aren’t just safer for drivers.

During tropical storm Irma, downed traffic lights pulled safety resources from the county.

“We had 11 that went dark at one point. That takes resources away from police officers, even generators, we have to go address that. A roundabout does not need that,” said Cassell.

As far as other improvements, sidewalks are planned for Hardy McManus Road.

That’s something Copeland says he can get behind but adds fixing Washington Road first may help with the traffic woes on his road.

“Finish Washington road, get that one fixed because that’s where most of the traffic is coming from,” said Copeland.

If you’d like to voice any concerns or have input you’d like to share, there’s a public meeting Thursday from 6pm-8pm at Journey Community Church on Hardy McManus Road.

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