Giving Your Best: Adriana Council

Adriana Council is the Giving Your Best winner for August 2017.

AUGUSTA, Ga.–  Single mom Adriana Council is known for donating to churches, community drives, and events for the homeless.

But it’s a free out-of-school party she organizes for her neighborhood that brought our crews to Applebee’s recently, where we surprised her with the Giving Your Best award.

Adriana Council is a trusted caregiver, something she laughs that she “got thrown into”

“Miss Mary Carolyn asked me if I would watch over her mother. I love my elderly people.”

And while her heart is with the elderly, there’s a lot of room in it for youngsters, too! When she felt her neighborhood kids were being overlooked, she took it upon herself to organize the South Augusta Block Party, to reward the kids for doing well in school all year.

“We have the block party that was down the way but we never had anything for the South Augusta kids. I see all the kids going downtown and nobody does anything for OUR kids, so I just got a lot of people together and got me some sponsors and it’s my 6th year.”

Her event has grown over the years and many people have gotten involved, including positive speakers who come as role models and motivate the kids to keep doing well in school.

“Sometimes God leads you into another direction, gets you from bad directions. So I’ve just been doing it.”
Marcie Curry/Nominator: “It’s a blessing and you know, God gives you a gift and that’s her gift and she took and and went with it.”

And when Marcie Curry saw the great impact this event was having on the children and their families, she knew her friend needed a big shout-out! Especially because this single mother, busy with her own 3 children, was always looking for ways to help others.

“And once I saw that I could nominate her for doing great things in the community, and being a single mother, I said ‘That’s my best friend and I need to nominate her.'”


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