JENNIE: Poor makeup habits can cause yucky eye infections

JENNIE Season 2, Episode 5

TELEVISION PARK–  Listen up:  If you share makeup or keep it for longer than recommended, you may develop a skin or eye infection.

Corneal specialist Dr. Amy Estes says if you’ve just gotten over an eye infection, it’s important to toss and re-stock your eye makeup right away.

Eyes can have a variety of germs in and around them. People have become infected with diseases like pink eye from sharing makeup, which Dr. Estes says is a big no-no. She says other diseases associated with sharing makeup include the herpes virus, which causes cold sores, and dermatitis.

You can also pick them up if you use the tester products at the make-up counter.  Makeup brushes and applicators can easily carry bacteria from one person to another, and moist, dark containers allow such germs to thrive.

Washing your hands before applying makeup is a good way to prevent contamination. It will help prevent the germs on your hands from getting into your makeup and on your eyes, in your mouth, or on your face.

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