One month before debut, Evans on Ice changes to Augusta on Ice

EVANS, Ga. (WJBF) – A change of plans for a big holiday festival set to make its debut in the CSRA this year. Evans on Ice is moving to Augusta, and with an outdoor ice skating rink, the festival will bring entertainment to all ages.

But, the event has had some hiccups. Evans on Ice owner, Christine Boerner, approached Columbia County Chairman Cross Friday with a change of plans.

“Some documents they wanted us to sign to dissolve the agreement, but of course I can’t do that without the approval of the commission. The more we got into it, we realized another deal had already been made. There were some other things that went on that we weren’t exactly happy about,” Cross explained.

That deal, a contract with the City of Augusta.

“Having the city of Augusta as a partner in this is a true dream,” Boerner told NewsChannel 6. “They are so excited to have us here to build new traditions.”

Cross told me Columbia County and Boerner had some misunderstandings along the way. “They wanted to be able to sell beer and wine 51 days,” Cross said. “Our local ordinance is a temporary license is only good for three days.”

Later down the line, Boerner also wanted to fence off and charge admission for Evans on Ice, which Cross said was never a part of the contract.

“I think this is a very nice young couple and that this is their very first endeavor,” Cross explained. “I guess they learned or discovered a long the way that the sponserships were not going as well as they expected, that they were in for a lot of money to bring this year.”

The plan is that Augusta on Ice will happen in the Common, and the city won’t be charging rental fees.

“It really just came down to what was right for all of the people that we wanted to have at this event. And its heart is about the community and making sure that people will really come together and get behind it. We felt that in the City of Augusta,” Boener said.

Chairman Cross and Columbia County commission decided not to sign papers to end the contract because first, they want answers. Cross hopes Columbia County citizens and sponsors who have already invested money into Evans on Ice will have the option for a refund.

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