Salary study: good percentage of Augusta workers should get pay raise

AUGUSTA, Ga (WJBF) – Augusta is lagging far behind other nearby governments when it comes to paying it’s workers.

City leaders getting their first look at the results of a salary and wage study for the work force.

Consultants say the results show a up to 30 percent of the lower scale workers are being paid below market rates, and if the city was to fix all the pay problems in the work force the cost could run as high as eight million dollars.

“That would be the high end that would be perfect that would be leaving everything on the table the number is always somewhere in the middle there’s always considerations you have to make it’s not unreasonable that an organization can say this is where we are trying to get here’s how much money we can spend let’s figure out the best way to get there,” said Chip King the study consultant with The Archer Company.

The study is recommending the city increase it’s entry level pay from about 17 thousand dollars a year to 21 thousand.

Commissioners are scheduled to vote on final approval of the plan next month.


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