Golden Apple: Carrie Anne Cushman

Carrie Anne Cushman wins the Golden Apple Award.

(Evans, GA)

Long before Carey Anne Cushman became a teacher, she was practicing for this job.

“I used to pretend teach and my little brother was always my student,” she says. “I love to teach kids. I love to watch them grow and learn. I love to see them as they come in at the beginning of the year and how they leave and how far they’ve come.”

These Parkway Elementary 2nd graders cover a lot of ground during their time in Ms. Cushman’s classroom.

“A lot of time some of them will come in and they’re at that very early beginning reading level and when they leave, they’re reading chapter books. That’s just astonishing to see.”

“We have been learning about comprehension. We’re trying to figure out what’s happening at the beginning of the fairy tale, what’s happening in the middle, and what’s happening at the end,” Cushman says. “And a big portion of this is what lesson are you going to learn from this fairy tale?”

And it doesn’t hurt that she is an energetic, animated person in general. She’s able to keep their attention so they can focus on the task at hand. Carey Anne Cushman does a wonderful job for her students and they give her so much in return.

“Lots of joy. I get lots of hugs. I get lots of thank you’s.  But just thinking about how they’re going to be in the future. I always remind myself that these are the people who will be taking care of me when I’m older. They’ll be the doctors and lawyers and police officers who will be around when I’m an elderly lady, and when my children grow up. I’m just thinking about the adult, the big human person that I’m creating for the future.”

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