Commissioners left out of mall meetings want more communication

AUGUSTA,Ga (WJBF)An Augusta Commissioner says more talk is needed when it comes to a a new arena at Regency Mall

As we first reported yesterday the owners of regency were in town, meeting with Mayor Davis and only two commission.
Commissioner Marion Williams says he wasn’t invited to any meeting, maybe because two weeks ago he wanted to talk about using condemnation as a way for the city to take over the mall property.

“When I put on the agenda about condemnation I put that on there to hopefully spark a conversation let the owners know we do have another tool we can use and to be fair with the city of Augusta who has been more than fair with him for the length of time we’ve allowed that building to sit there like that we need to get serious about it and have a serious discussion,” said Commissioner Williams.

Commissioner Dennis Williams who was also not invited to the meting says it’s reasonable that all members should have sat in on the meeting with an issue this important, instead of having to rely on second hand information.


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