Brother-in-law and sister bonded out, charged with felony false statements in Grovetown hit-and-run

UPDATE: GROVETOWN, Ga. (WJBF) – The Columbia County Detention Center confirms that Kyle Hobson and Kathryn Mathews have bonded out of jail.

The brother-in-law and sister of 24-year-old veteran Scott Matthews have both been charged with felony false statements.

According to Georgia State Patrol, Kathryn Matthews was driving a truck, trying to back it into the yard,  when Scott Matthews jumped on the truck, scaring her.

Matthews then fell off hitting the back of his head on the road.

The two turned themselves in after Kathryn Matthews admitted to her father that she and her husband lied about the accident.

Scott Matthews was laid to rest on Sunday.

GSP has turned the case over to the district attorney who will determine if more charges are coming.

Last week, NewsChannel 6 reported that the Columbia County coroner ruled Matthews death accidental with the only injuries to the body being blunt force trauma to the head.

NewsChannel 6 will continue to keep you updated.

(Kathryn Matthews and Kyle Hobson’s Mugshots)

GROVETOWN, Ga. (WJBF) – A Deadly hit and run in Grovetown. Veteran Scott Mathews died Sunday night after deputies say a vehicle hit him and took off early Saturday morning.

Mathews makes the third person to die on Whiskey Road in Grovetown. Now, his family is calling for action.

Orange marking on Whiskey Road is a now a constant reminder of a life taken too soon.

“He was a father, he was a son, he was my best friend.”

Kathryn Hobson is talking about her brother, Scott Matthews. Officers say he was hit by a vehicle early Saturday morning while walking across the street. He died at Augusta University Medical Center Sunday night. His sister said not only did Scott love his family, the veteran also loved his country.

“He had just re-enlisted back into active duty,” says Kathryn. “He was going to get shipped back October 21st to go to MP.”

Right now, the only description of the vehicle is a dark colored hatchback car or suv. Scott’s family says speed is to blame and vehicles do it every single day.

“My mother has raised hell over and over because I have two kids of my own,” says Kathryn. “I have a three-year-old daughter and a two-year-old son.”

However, they say for the past two years, nothing has been done. We spoke with Mayor Gary Jones and he says he’s had officers patrolling that area several times and the normal speed limit for this unmarked road is 25 mph.

“Normal for other people around here is about 45 miles per hour to about 60. Nobody cares,” says Kathryn.

And while this family is left grieving, they hope that something will finally be done so another life isn’t lost.

We spoke with Mayor Gary Jones and he says that he is going to get on the phone with public works and see if something can be done to slow people down here along Whiskey Road.

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