Committee votes for permit parking program near AU

AUGUSTA,Ga (WJBF) Finding a place to park to get to A-U’s without a big expense at the  downtown campus a can be a chore.

Hard and expensive and a long walk to especially in the rain and the iffy weather what do you have to pay it like 80 dollars for the closer spots and it’s like 30 to park a quarter of a mile away,” says Corey Szczypka, who was parking off campus near Augusta Avenue,

So instead of paying those costs students and others at the downtown campus are parking on the neighborhood streets and that is drawing complaints from the residents.

The residents really can’t park we have problems on trash day we have problems of people parking in front of the drive ways,” says Tareon Johnson who lives on Mauge Street near AU.

That is a nuisance this is something more, on some streets near campus cars are parked on both sides of the narrow road, endangering public safety.

“This is an issue they can’t park this way because it will prevent a fire truck from getting through,” says Fire Chief Chris James.

The problems have gotten through the a commission committee that voted to create a residential permit parking program for the neighborhood

That means to park on the street you will need a city supplied parking pass.

“It will be a really, really good thing for us it will allow us plan our activities and everything,” said Johnson.

“More students and less parking spots gives everybody a hard time I guess I’ll have to reconsider paying that much if I have to,” said Szczypka.

The full commission must still go along for the permit parking program to move forward, commissioners were questioning how it will be enforced. That will be something the Sheriff’s Office will do, if approved this will likely add to the parking crunch.

Commissioners  asked  an AU official if there is  enough parking available for students at  the downtown campus right now the answer was no.

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