Man gets T-Mobile tattoo in exchange for free iPhone

PHOENIX, Ariz. (KXAN) — An Arizona man is sporting a corporate logo on his arm after striking a deal with the wireless company’s CEO in exchange for a new iPhone.

It all began Oct. 6 when Philip Harrison tweeted “Hook me up with a iPhone 8 and ill (sic) tattoo the T-Mobile logo on my arm for all to see, you have my word.” He tagged John Legere, T-Mobile’s CEO.

Harrison first tried to find a shop the next night, but they were closed. He tweeted that after work it would be “T-Mobile tattoo time” so he could prove he “meant what [he] said.”

About 12 hours later, he posted pictures of the tattoo stencil, an artist working on his ink, and the finished product.

“I’m forever representing team magenta,” he tweeted.

Legere responded, “Whoa. Nice tattoo! Let’s get you that iPhone!!” Later, he tweeted that he couldn’t believe Harrison had gone through with it, and that he loves that T-Mobile will be with him forever.

Some suggested on Twitter Harrison should have asked for an iPhone X, but Harrison said he’s happy with the new phone headed his tattoo. He’s also amazed at the response its garnered on social media.

“Did I do it for an iPhone 8? Sure, but I also did it for the story that would be forever attached to the tattoo,” Harrison tweeted.

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