Internet divided over color of these sneakers

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – A photo of a pair of Vans sneakers is buzzing throughout social media as people can’t decide if the shoes are gray with teal laces or pink with white laces.

The sneakers are the latest accessory to start a debate, more than two years after the question if #TheDress was blue and black or white and gold broke the internet.

The shoe appears to be a retro women’s Vans sneaker, which has the listed color as “mahogany rose” on the Vans website.

As explained in the original mania over #TheDress, there are reasons so many people see the same thing differently.

According to Dr. Shanna Ray, a psychology professor at Lipscomb University, our brains interpret everything we see with our eyes, and it may be that some of the colors in the periphery are causing confusion.

“We know our brain tweaks what our eyes are receiving, but there’s something about this that’s triggering different people’s brains to make slightly different assumptions about what they need to tweak,” Ray said.

So we want to know, what color do you see?

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