B&B Puppet Theatre Ministries join us for a very special message

B&B Puppet Theatre Ministries and their puppets Rhoda & Violet join us for a very special message in this segment of The Dish.

More about B&B Puppet Theatre Ministries:

They are a Christian based organisation, however they don’t force their beliefs on others and will not tell a bible story without your permission unless you’re a Christian based organization.
They respect your beliefs and don’t discriminate against your race, color or creed. Tara said “as a mom who home-schooled her children, I understand the importance of story time and I thoroughly enjoy narrating the story for each performance”. Jack her husband makes the puppets and stitches them with love. He enjoys being a puppeteer. His sense of humor and ability to use improvisation changes the dynamics of each show and allows them to connect with their audience. She considers him a master puppeteer. Their creative kids who are great at using their imaginations and creativity helps bring the story to life as junior puppeteers. They work well together and love what they do.

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