Gold Cross questions new city lift policy

AUGUSTA,Ga (WJBF) Gold Cross Ambulance wants a clarification to a new city policy when it comes to assisting patients.

A memorandum from the 9-1-1 office states Augusta firefighters will no longer assist Gold Cross ambulance lifting overweight patients in non-emergency situation.

After its city subsidy was cut Gold Cross started charging patients up to 400 dollars to be lifted, even if they’re not taken  to the hospital.

But Gold Cross officials say they’re not sure what the city means by non-emergencies.

“We only care about getting the patient on the stretcher and to the hospital because to them it is an emergency even if it’s technically not an emergency as far as we get there they’re stable but they don’t want to lay there on the ground so we’ll call for help but we’re not getting that help anymore,” said Stephen Vincent Chief Operator Officer for Gold Cross.

The memo says in any emergency situation the city will respond.

However Augusta Commissioner Marion Williams doesn’t like the new policy and says it will   be on the agenda for discussion at the next commission meeting.

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