Look up to see the Orionids meteor shower tonight

TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA/WTNH) — Keep your eyes to the sky this weekend! Are you ready for it? The Orionid meteor shower will peak tonight across the sky.

The moon is barely past its “New” phase. This means there won’t be much light pollution away from the city lights. The shower will be visible both Friday and Saturday night.

“If you can get away from city lights tonight, our weather should cooperate for watching these meteors. Temperatures will be in the mid-70s around midnight with mostly clear skies,” Storm Team 8 Meteorologist Leigh Spann said.

For best viewing, look towards the southern sky after 1:30 AM tonight. From a dark site, you should be able to see 20-30 meteors an hour.

This event happens every year as the Earth moves through a debris field from Halley’s Comet.

But due to the new moon phase, viewing will likely be extra special with less natural light pollution.

If you miss this meteor shower, there’s still some great news, you can catch the Leonids in November and the Geminds in December.

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